How to adjust Joomla site position?


I want to adjust (align) the content (body) of my Joomla site as it's shown on the images attached to this question. There're picture 1 and picture 2. I want it to be like on a picture 1. Basically, I want to decrease spacing above the top horizontal main menu.
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is it it seems to be offline, it has to be online in order to check your source code.
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All good Joomla templates ascribe to the override system for Joomla so there should be a file in the CSS folder of the template called custom.css or override.css or something like that. It differs from provider to provider. In that file, you should be able to add CSS rules to override the ones causing that space.

To find out the elements in play there, install web developer toolbar or web dev tools. Then you can right click on the area and select inspect from the context menu. That will allow you to inspect the names of the elements and IDs you need to override.

Be aware, the template is probably designed for many different sized devices (responsive) so your changes should be tested after you make them to ensure they work well with all screen sizes.

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