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Wireless Extender part 2

Range Extender troubleshooting Update

Hello Everyone,

I am sending this email to bring everyone up to speed about the installation and troubleshooting of the Monnint sensors.
Today, we were able to configure and successfully connect the sensor to the Comcast Router in the management office as well to the new Amped Range Extender AC 1750. But when we tried to connect it to the Range Extender already installed at the 4th floor it failed to connect. After a 4 hours troubleshooting with the Monnint manufacture we have decided to bypass the existing Range Extender and the problem was solved.

We placed the new configured Range Extender in the Storage of the second floor and placed and the sensor on the 4th floor. It connected quickly and successfully!

In order to extend the internet signal and being able to connect all the remaining sensors on the 4th floor, tomorrow I will stop at Microcenter and purchase a second identical Range Extender AC1750 which will be bridged to the one installed today on the second floor. This new Range Extender will amplify the signal up to 12,000 Square feet. 12,000 square feet of coverage should be sufficient to cover also the unit 418, but we won’t’ know for sure until the installation is complete. The reason is because it depends on how many bearing walls are between the second Range extender and the sensors that we want connect. The more bearing walls there are in between, the more the signal will degrade.

Jose, thank you very much for your assistance today.

I will update everyone again tomorrow after the second Range Extender will be installed.

Thank you everyone,

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Thank you John.

You are very welcome and I was happy to help. Good luck with this project.
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