How to Prevent Theft of Your Ebooks

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Hi Experts,

I have some e-books upload to website, and problem is  I want to prevent illegal downloads. So, have some apps, modules (in web) can prevent download from 'theft' ?

Please give me some advices to secure my e-books

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ldvhai  once folks can hear it on their computer ipad PC they could illegally record it.
The best and safest method is to give samples only then sell the Ebook DVD CD. or make the ebook available for playback on the computer after it has been paid for.
Apple- Itunes is such a program that prevents playback until paid for they imbed DRM digital rights managers

Even then they could share it but at least you would have sold your product first.
This is a huge problem on the web and really has no solution other than my suggestion.
Youtube has a pay per  view for movies where I cannot download the video but audio is whole other problem once played on a PC it can be stolen sorry.
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As long as account is legit and have access to the website, and also can have rights to download, the user will be able to download. Hence no stopping of download if it is legit user who can already login and access. So to further go into the "theft", I see one mean is to encrypt the download such that they need the decryption key from the publisher. But this approach tend to be for software to deter installation. There can be digital provider hosting such services on behalf to govern this aspects. See
The Virtual Vault locks and encrypts your EXE or PDF file. Once locked and encrypted, your file can only be unlocked using a valid access code, which is generated only after a person comes through your order process OR by you, the owner, generating an access code using the Master Key

Once the purchase process is complete, the customer runs your locked file and inputs their access code when prompted. If this access code is entered correctly they are granted access.

The Virtual Vault then logs an entry onto the user's PC, also encrypted, matching that user and that PC with that product ID and that access code. That access code only works for that valid user, it does not work for others. It then requires a validation with the server at intervals set by you to ensure the code remains valid and they remain a customer in good standing.

Regardless, the approach is to secure the ebook e.g. in PDF using the PDF publisher s/w and tagged it with some sort of right management - in other words, encrypted but also tagged with authorized user and access right embedded in the ebook. But there are other may claim otherwise see this
With Secure-eBook'stm Secured Download, someone who purchases one of your eBooks gets a unique download link, valid for a limited time period and for a limited number of downloads. And you decide how many times you will allow your clients to download the eBook they purchased and for how long their temporary download link will be valid.

Why should you opt for Secure-eBook's Secured Download instead of Secure-eBook's eBook Activation solution? To get more flexibility.
Secure-eBook's Secured Download will not wrap your eBooks within another format. If you choose a mainstream format such as the PDF file format, your clients will be able to open your eBook on any computer system able to open PDF files.

We also need to deter non-legit sharing (sort of piracy) of the ebook once user downloads it. There can be some watermarking on ebook but it does not prevent the "theft" or un-sanctioned "sharing". That serves more of copyright to deter those abused use cases.

Reference this as it shared the above points too
the "interesting" part is also to change the downlink often so that simply sharing the link does not mean a direct download. Will be ideally to be uniquely issued to whoever authorized to download and it is a one-time link...


Thanks so much for your advice!


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