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Converting HDMI to VGA?


We have a monitor that only has HDMI ports and no VGA ones (even though the specs showed otherwise).  So, does anyone know if i can convert from an HDMI on the monitor to VGA?  We also have a VGA male to male extension lead & VGA port in a floor box into a table.  
So it would need to go something like this:

Monitor HDMI port - HDMI adapter with VGA male end - VGA gender changer (male to female) - VGA male to male (extension) - VGA floor box (VGA female output) - VGA cable (male to male) into laptop...  

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HDMI (digital) to VGA (analogue) is going to require a digital/analogue converter. You're not going to be able to do this just by having different shaped adapters connecting the cables.

You might find it simpler to add a USB video adapter that outputs VGA natively.
They do make and sell converters for this.

Going from VGA to HDMI costs a bit more than going from HDMI to VGA
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i need to go HDMI to VGA..
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HDMI to VGA is a one way conversion - don't buy a VGA to HDMI box and expect it to work both ways.

An HDMI to VGA box will cost you around $200 US - it involves two conversions - from the digtal HDMI to the analogue VGA (D/A) and then the VGA timing signals need to be added. You lose quality in both conversions because you're no longer dealing with bits you're dealing with waveforms.

If you have a USB port a USB to VGA Graphics adapter is both cheaper and results in a better quality output.
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Well Sony has provided us with an HDMI to VGA male cable.  They are now sending a VGA male to female adapter.  We shall see what happens...
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And im trying to understand how a USN to VGA adapter will work..?
These HDMI to VGA Male cables can be bought anywhere. Good suppliers have these lines in their product description though:

1) This cable will not convert regular VGA video card signal to HDMI.
2) It is not a PC-to-TV cable. This cable will only work on specific devices that output digital HDMI signals via VGA ports.
3) These devices include but are not limited to: HDD/PMP players.

As I said, just mentioning "HDMI to VGA", or "VGA to HDMI" is worth nothing if not explained EXACTLY what is needed.

I will eat my Nike shoes if the cable works. It's just common sense a cable doesn't work and you need expensive hardware.

The USB to VGA solution is to add another monitor easily on a PC (without replacing or adding a VGA card). In your case, it makes no sense, since you mentioned you had an HDMI screen.
A USB to HDMI solution is also available though, and is slightly cheaper than the first solution I brought up: (only works if the floor box you mentioned is a real PC with USB ports)
i need to go HDMI to VGA..

Just reading your question again - are you sure? If the monitor "only has HDMI ports" don't you need to go VGA to HDMI?  - The direction of conversion is crucial.

And yes, if a simple cable works Sony will have solved a huge technological hurdle, digital into one end of a cable and analogue at the other - not convinced!!

"And im trying to understand how a USN to VGA adapter will work..?" 
will get from USB on the PC to HDMI input on the screen but if you must to go via VGA cabling doesn't help
I think you have the terms confused.  Going from a VGA to HDMI means that the source is VGA and the output is HDMI to the monitor.  That's what you described.  That requires a converter and costs more money.

Going from HDMI to VGA, where the source is HDMI and you output to a VGA monitor, requires a simpler adapter that costs around $6-$10

You don't go from the monitor to the laptop or computer.  The monitor is not a source of the video signal.
I'll throw in my 2 cents...

Most of the above posts are basically telling you (correctly) that an HDMI input source cannot accept a signal from a VGA output source. VGA input from HDMI output is simple but not the other way around. The cost of a VGA to HDMI converter is far greater than just adding a $35 graphics card to your PC that has an HDMI output.
USB to HDMI generally require drivers.  Those don't sound ideal in your situation.  It sounds like you're describing a conference room where you may have visitors with different laptop equipment.  You don't want to mess around with installing drivers on everyone's system in case they don't have built in driver support for this.  You want a self contained converter for use with other people's laptops.

The VGA to HDMI converter is what you need.  No drivers need to be installed.  It just works externally on the VGA signal.  The converter works off the analog VGA signal and converts it to a digital HDMI signal.  You'll also need power for the circuit to work.

You use USB to HDMI if you want to add multiple monitors to your laptop or computer and need an additional video output, but you've run out of slots or video ports for expansion.
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Sorry, my bad.  Yes, im using an HDMI and attempting to use or supply VGA for laptops in a meeting room.
HDMI is working fine.  Just need the VGA working on the laptop side to an HDMI port on the monitor (Sony).
Ah, it's a laptop so a replacement graphics card is out of the question. Then you need a VGA to HDMI converter as described above. They're about $200.
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sorry which link?
Here's one I found on Newegg.

There are many others to choose from around the same price or more.

If you do a search for "VGA to HDMI converter" you'll get a larger list but you'll also get HDMI to VGA converters which won't work. You can easily tell the difference by the price. If it's $25 or so then it's the wrong thing.

This URL will give you the search results I found:

They are sorted by most expensive first (because those are more relevant). You can ignore the first couple of items. Be careful when you get down to the items that are below $200. They may not do what you need.
Yep, that one looks like it will work and has the added benefit of being a dual input switchbox.
If you want cheaper, in the $50-$80 range, just go to

Since you're in the UK,
I think the main difference is the maximum resolution and the price.
Wow, good find. Go with the cheaper one for sure!
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Still waiting for Sony to provide correct part..  They sent a male to female... Whoops.
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Well Sony are shocking.  Ended up getting an HDMI female to VGA male adapter to work.