Problem when changing replication user password

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Dear Experts,

I am running MySQL 5.5 replication environment and I need to change the password on the replication user.  I have tried the following:

stop slave
change passwords on master and slaves
start slave

I then get an error connecting to master when I run 'show slave status'.  If I repeat the process setting the password back to the original one, then replication all starts again perfectly.  What have I missed.

As a secondary question, which order should I update versions of MySQL.  Master then slaves or the other way round?

Many thanks

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You need to update the user used for replication on the master, flush privileges to make the change read in and applied.
Might you have forgoten the flush privileges?
Hi emincote,

You just need change password for User replicate on Master without stop slave. Remember flush privileges after set password.



Hi Arnold and Idvhai,  Thank you both very much.  That seems to have worked a treat and I had forgotten all about flush privileges.  Case closed and I will award as many points as possible to both of you.  Thanks again,  Bede

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