Blue Screen Error

I have limited information at the moment, until I can get on my users machine.
He copied and pasted the report for me after he got of of the BS.  This is Windows 7, Dell laptop, happens when he docks his computer in the morning.  

Problem Signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS VErsion 6.1.7601.
Locale ID:  1033

BCCode: e4
BCP1 0000000000000001
BCP3:  all 0's
BCP4:  all 0's
OS Version:   6_1_7601
Service Pack   1_0
Product:  256_1

I'm thinking this is not enough info?  What other info would you need and how do I extract it, since the report is gone now?

Thanks so much!
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Christopher GayIT Operations ManagerCommented:
Hello Lisa,

I'm assuming from your question that this happens when your client plugs the laptop into the docking station. Is this correct? If so, is your client able to boot the laptop outside of the docking station without error?

lisafamfAuthor Commented:
Hi Chris, You are correct on that assumption.  He does not always get the blue screen when attaching to the docking station, and has not gotten the error outside plugging into the docking station.  I'm waiting look up his dump file, but he has someone in his office, sigh, lol
KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
In some cases, docking stations need drivers. If that's true for this case, I would try to update the drivers first.
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Sean Plemons Kelly, CISSPInformation Systems Security EngineerCommented:
Hello, lisafamf!

In my experience, most BSODs come from drivers issues.

Getting the stop code (Usually at the bottom of the screen, will be 0x00000001 or something similar would also help facilitate troubleshooting.

Additionally, Dell Support has a great support article about troubleshooting your BSOD errors, as well as an informative breakdown of using Windows Debugger (which analyzes the memory dumps to find the issue) to further troubleshoot.

I hope this helps!
Christopher GayIT Operations ManagerCommented:

I concur with the above comments. Many times if the issue is with the docking station only a driver issue could be to blame. I'd first make sure that you have Windows updated fully and then install the latest driver files for the docking station. It is possible that you'll have to first nuke the old drivers for the docking station to insure a clean and non-corrupted driver install.

Download and run Nirsoft's BlueScreenView to see what file caused the problem.
lisafamfAuthor Commented:
Ok, I messed up, I didn't realize  you couldn't open up the .dmp file, so I tried with wordpad but forgot to uncheck always use this, so now wordpad is associated with his .dmp files.  Will I have issues now.  Plus it's not giving him permission to open them, will bluescreenview open it for me?  I'm making things worse, lol
Sean Plemons Kelly, CISSPInformation Systems Security EngineerCommented:

You won't have issues from associating the file type with wordpad, that typically is just for doubleclicking a file to open it.

Have you tried using Windows Debugger to get into the file?

KimputerIT ManagerCommented:
dmp files are not often used, the wrong file association is no real problem. You open the dmp through the menus in Bluescreenviewer, so for that, it also no problem.
lisafamfAuthor Commented:
thanks, Kim.  I have to wait about an hour to do that now, until he goes to lunch.  I'll update.  

Sean, I have not tried the debugger yet, will do in a bit

I will download the bluescreenview too, and also update the docking station drivers after he goes to lunch :)

Thanks, all.  I will let you know.  Appreciate all your help!
lisafamfAuthor Commented:
I ran the bluescreenview and both yesterday and today it's saying it's caused by the intel wireless wifi link driver.
Caused by driver netwsw02.sys
Christopher GayIT Operations ManagerCommented:

Then I'd recommend that you nuke the existing driver by uninstalling that piece of hardware from the device manager and then reinstall using the latest drivers from Intel.


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lisafamfAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Chris.  Should it specifically mention that driver in device manager?
lisafamfAuthor Commented:
Ok, I found the hardware, and it has 3 drivers associated with it.  I'll find the updated drivers before I uninstall the hardware from device manager.
lisafamfAuthor Commented:
Almost successful, uhhggg.  I started the download of 2 of the intel drivers under  his user  name, thought he was an admin.  He is not, so I cancelled and logged in under admin, had a couple of issues with it saying it already attempted to install it under his user  name.  Now I have to figure out how to go backwards under his user name. He's on a meeting on his computer now.  I need to not do things so fast!
If it created a restore point recently, you could try a System Restore to undo any changes.
lisafamfAuthor Commented:
oh good point!  Thanks :)
lisafamfAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys!  All set!  You all helped!
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