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MS Access 2010


I have a question on how to design a form that will populate 8 values for a single field into an access table
ie the "customer" field will have 8 "Transactions" for that one customer over a number of dates

I want to be able to create a form where I can select the customer and add 8 transactions to that customer form a dropdown list on the form over a number of dates

I have the form setup with the fields and drop down values, but when I select a transaction field and change it, it changes all transaction fields to the same value that I select from the drop down list

any help appreciated

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Dale Fye
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Hi Dale

Thanks for the info, much appreciated, I'm also trying to implement if possible the below

I have a status field, which has closed or open, how do I hide closed items from view on a form?

Several ways to do this.

1.  My preferred method would be to use a query as the RecordSource of the form, as set the [status] field to "Open"

2.  Another method, which would allow you to toggle between all records, open, or closed records would be to put a combo box in the forms header for status codes, and then use the AfterUPdate event of that combo box to set the forms Filter property, something like:
Private sub cbo_ViewStatus_AfterUpdate

    if me.cbo_ViewStatus = "All" then
        me.Filter = ""
        me.FilterOn = false
        me.Filter = "[Status] = '" & me.cbo_ViewStatus & "'"
        me.FilterOn = True
    End If

End Sub

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