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I have a query that has been working correct for years. The client has 1 request, they want 3 BLANK header lines above the regular header and data.  What I have set up is:

A macro that runs three queries and a RunCode() Module. That Module runs and exports the final query and names the file.  How can I add these 3 blank header lines?  Thank you!
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Is it text file? Can you show piece of code with export?
WO2015Author Commented:
Here is the module, the other items are just queries populating tables for this query to put all together for the output.

Function Discover()
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "CallReport", acFormatXLSX, "N:\CALLS_" & Format(Date, "mmddyy") & ".xlsx"
End Function
Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Commented:
try this codes

Function ExportToExcel()
dim xlObj as Object, j as integer
dim rs as dao.recordset
set rs=currentdb.openrecordset("CallReport")
set xlObj=createObject("excel.application")
     with xlObj
           for j=0 to rs.fields.count-1
                 .cells(4, j+1).value=rs(j).name
                  .range("a5").copyfromrecordset rs

                   .activeworkbook.saveas  "N:\CALLS_" & Format(Date, "mmddyy") & ".xlsx"
     end with

end function

another way is to open the excel file after your export and insert three blank lines on top

Function Discover()
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputQuery, "CallReport", acFormatXLSX, "N:\CALLS_" & Format(Date, "mmddyy") & ".xlsx"
dim xlObj as object
set xlObj=createObject("excel.application")  "N:\CALLS_" & Format(Date, "mmddyy") & ".xlsx"
     with xlOb
              .Selection.Insert Shift:=-4121, CopyOrigin:=0
      end with
End Function

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WO2015Author Commented:
Thank you, that worked perfectly!!
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