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Error Installing ESXi6 on an HP Proliant DL 380 g9 Server

Hi Guys,

I was hoping you can provide some insight.. I am attempting to install ESXi 6 on a new HP Proliant DL380 G9 Server, using the Intelligent Provisioning tools. The installation seems to process, however, I keep getting this warning message:
file:///ks.cfg:line 3: The disk (mpx.vmhba32:c0:t0;L0) specified in install does not support VMFS warning: file:///ks.cfg : Line 5: bootproto --device=vmnic0 specified, but the link was not active. Check that the cable is plugged in.

The server reboots and the process starts all over again.  

Your thoughts are very much appreciated.  


PS.  I also tried the HP customized ESXi ISO image - same results.
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Install booting from HP ISO, not using (aged) inteligent provisioning.
You need to update BIOS/UEFI to P89 as in vmware compatibility guide. (or update to latest version)
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Download the HP G9 ISO from VMware.  I ran into the same thing.
Just saw that it looks like that is the one you tried.

I'd give HP a call.
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Is this a boot-from-SAN install? Just that near enough the same error is in a previous unsolved thread using FCoE with HP IP.
I remember there is an issue with DL380 G9, I ran into this a few weeks ago, but my own issue was when I try to patch my ESXi 6 u1 with last patch for CBT issue.

Maybe your issue is also due to that.
Did anyone solve this? I am running into the same issue.

- We have the latest firmware P89
- Im installing from the HPE version of the VMWare installer
- Trying to install VMWare to the internal SD card.

It also looks like the VMWare installer customizer is no longer supported. Is that still the suggested (only?) tool to customize the installer image?
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In other words don't use HPE IP because it's always out of date, that's what everyone in the thread said to do 2 weeks ago. Whether you used iLO to mount an ISO or had put a physical CD in the drive is irrelevant.