Install application on Window 7 & 8

Do I need to configure anything on Window 7 & 8 before installing any application such that this application setting can be available to every login user, rather than save those setting in a profile which I use the account to install application ?

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Normally, it does not matter who installs an application, it has no effect on the other users' experience. Sometimes however, with amateur programmers, you have certain effects that the app will only work or only be in a licensed state for the person that installed it. That's rare, I would not worry much, but test.

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Most software will prompt you on whether or not you want to install for all users or just the current one.
HuaMin ChenProblem resolverCommented:
It depends on what you're installing. For instance, for Visual studio and SQL server, you may need .Net framework. To do the setup, you should have the administrator role to the machine using Win 7/8.1
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Rob LeaverSr. Network & Server EngineerCommented:
I agree with the above. It depends on the application. If you are installing on a workstation that other users are going to use then each users application will personalized to whatever settings they decide to have. If you want to have control over an application and settings then I would advise looking to see if there is a network deployable option which would able you to control application settings across the network.

Do some research on what the product has to offer, see if you can set permissions for each user locally -  then organize a plan on how you're going to install it.

All depends on the software and how you want to use it!
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Generally, install as an administrator.  Some software requires it... others, like Chrome (in my experience) will install without any problem as a non-admin BUT be available only to the person who installed it.  So if you want it available to everyone you should install as an admin - HOWEVER - it ALSO depends on how competent the programmers were and if the application setup program offers options to make it available to everyone or only one user.  There is never a guarantee - but the greatest odds of success are with installing as an administrator (most setup programs require it).
Right, most setups will require it not to say automatically ask for administrative consent or credentials that's why installing is always connected to administrative accounts.
To me it seemed the author knows that and is heading more for the aspect of usability after installing, depending on who did the installation.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
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