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I keep getting following error message when logging into citrix

Error: Login exceeds maximum allowed users.
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Senior Information Technology Consultant
You are are using Citrix Secure Gateway or Netscaler ADC VPX or Appliance and your license file is corrupt or you have hit the 5 user maximum for the Trial license.

By default when you add a Trial license you get 5 users only.  

Or, you have truly exceeded your VPN or Secure Gateway platform license.
Brian MurphySenior Information Technology Consultant

This happens when you upgrade the firmware or change the name.  The older firmware used the hostname not the MAC.

Did someone upgrade the Netscaler?

You can resolve this by downloading a new license file.  The is an option to download existing if nothing has changed relative to MAC Address or hostname.

Otherwise you must return the license, realllocate, download, reassign.
gdladminIT Director


Thanks for the feed back
Brian MurphySenior Information Technology Consultant

Hope it helps.   This is generally a Citrix Netscaler Gateway issue.  By Netscaler Gateway I am referring to the Secure Gateway VPN server configuration.  

Here is a screen shot of the default configuration after binding a Platinum license file to a new AWS Netscaler instance.  Notice the user count.  Sometimes when you upgrade the firmware I have seen this reset to 5 users.  This happens more often on HA Pair.

The effect described by "Brian Murphy" occurs at netscaler (gateway) if you wish to use this system as "ica proxy only" without VPN or SmartAccess functions.
With ICA proxy only you use the unlimited "maximum ICA USER allowed".
there are 2 points within the configuration responsible for these functions. but the wizards don't configure these settings.

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