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Printing attachments from Yahoo mail

When clicking on attachments to Yahoo mail, I need to choose downloading to computer - in order to have the possibility of printing the attachment only. After that I can choose either to save the attachment or to just open the document. Odt and xlxs-documents are no problem, but the problem is pdf-documents, which I receive much more often. After choosing a pdf for downloading to computer, I do not get the alternatives to save or open (as with odt and xlxs), it goes straight to the downloading process and the only thing I can choose is where to save it. And later of course I can make a printout. But it should not be as complicated as that.
Normally, I use Mozilla Firefox. (tested it with Edge, and it was better, but not perfect.) I use Windows10, and the default pdf reader is Adobe.
It this a Firefox problem? or a Yahoo problem? Or is it me?
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