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Windows Remote Desktop Services issue - different AD domain and DNS domain/zone causing problems....

Hello all,

Here is my scenario.

- I have set up Windows RDS on a 2012 server.  Also set up WebApp and published an application.
- Server is part of an Active Directory domain called austin.texas.edu.
- Server is part of a DNS zone its.texas.edu.

At this point - remote desktop works but I am unable to connect to the published application.

- When I set up RDS services, I did everything using severname.its.texas.edu - which is the FQDN of the server as presented to the world.
- Tested RD and it worked fine.  Tested opening the published application via HTTPS and an error came up stating "unable to find servername.austin.utexas.edu".  This is because the server is known in DNS as severname.its.texas.edu

In the DNS section of the network configuration for the NIC on this system I set "DNS suffix for this connection" to its.texas.edu but that had no effect.

An quick and easy solution would be to get with the separate organization that runs austin.texas.edu and have them create a cname pointing servername.austin.texas.edu to servername.its.texas.edu but I would much rather find a way to change everything in RDS Service to see the system as servername.its.texas.edu.

Anyone else had this issue or something similar?

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