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Export excel sheet with usable formulas

Is it possible to export an excel file created on the fly to include formulas?

I already know about adding the header with  application/ or just exporting as a csv.  Is there a way to have a formula exported that allows the user to change data in the sheet and auto sum via a formula?

The server side language in this case would be php.
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Mark Brady
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Hey did you get a chance to try my code sample?
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Thank you Mark.

I just saw your answer.   It looks like you are referring to

Reading through that library does not seem promising because bugs go back to 2009 that are still open.

 I don't have this installed.  Are you currently using this?  On windows or Linux?
I have only ever used the native php library to do excel functions including saving formulas. If you want to look at alternatives I would take a look at this one. It seems to do what you want.