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Exchange mailbox - cached Exchange mode - remote purge

Exchange server 2007.
I have a person who uses his own laptop running Outlook 2010 in Cached Exchange mode.
He's getting fired today and I do not have access to his laptop. I will most likely not have access to it after he's fired.

Is there way to remove all emails from his mailbox without changing the password so they will be removed from his Outlook? There is nothing in there that I need, I just want all reports with important customers and pricing information to be gone from his Outlook.

If I just delete his account or change password, all old messages will stay in his Outlook, which is a problem.
If I reset his password and delete all the messages, they will not be deleted from his Outlook, because it'll disconnect as soon as I change the password and the changes will not be synced.

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8/22/2022 - Mon