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Resizing virtual OS within Hyper-V

I am trying to create a virtual OS within Microsoft Hyper-V on a test machine. Pretty easy stuff, however the virtual OS window within Hyper-V is unable to be resized. If I try and maxamize it, it simply moves the window up into the top-left most corner of the desktop. Trying to grab the corner of the window and drag does nothing. Please use the image attached as reference.

Also, we have some other virtual OS'es running in Hyper-V on other machines and those can not be resized either. This isn't too much of a problem because the windows are large enough to cover 90% of the (virtual) desktop and you don't need to scroll around too much. However as you can see in my case, the window is way to small. The only difference I can think of may be screen resolution, those other machines are probably closer to 1024x768. The one I'm using is 2736x1824, it is however scaled to be more legible.Untitled.png
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