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how to write this update query in Access 2010

Hello! I have a table1 with field1 and field2 and a table2 with field1. I want to set table1.field2 = 1 where table1.field1 exists in table2.field1. I am getting a syntax error though. Can someone tell me how I would write a query that essentially puts a 1 in field2 where field1 values exist in this other table's field? Thanks
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Can you show the query syntax you attempted?
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sure, I had said:

update table1 set field2 = 1 where field1 in (select field1 from table2)
after making copies of Table1, try:

SET Field2 = 1
WHERE Exists (SELECT 1 FROM Table2 WHERE Table2.Field1 = Table1.Field1)
try this

update table1
inner join table2 on table1.field1=table2.field1
set table1.field2=1
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This was the solution that fit me, though the problem was something I didn't think to mention in the original post because I wasn't aware that was the problem. Is this the appropriate way to mark this question? I put an A because that was the exact problem I had.