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vb script run on 64 bit machine but use 32 bit so create mdb will work

Is there a way to run a vbs script from within a file such as myscript.vbs that would use the 32 bit script tool so that I do not need to send my user to the command prompt?  

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Mohammed Khawaja
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Run your script as per below:

C:\windows\syswow64\wscript.exe myvbfile.vbs
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Keith McElroy


Can I run this sequence from a .vbs file in some way?  Maybe declard the syswow64 so user does not need to go to the cmd prompt?
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Brendan M
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I think this is what I need, question though, why is this if statement here

If InStr(UCase(WScript.FullName), "SYSTEM32") > 0 Then

Is it assuming I put SYSTEM32 in the file name of the script?

May I remove this if statement?

Thanks for clarification.
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Both answers equally great, I am going to use the short cut initially but later go with the in-scrpt method