windows 2008 Active Directory logonserver issue

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hello Experts
our environment is windows 2008 R2 domain controller, recently i found one office user logon computer take long time, while i check it via set logonserver command, it is contact a remote site DC not the local one, i suspect maybe that is the issue, but after checking sites subnet setting, all looks good, and 2 DC of this office all configured to GC, so i don't know whats wrong with it.
could you help on this?

thank you
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If Subnets are properly configured then what I would check first is see if there are any other machines at that office that are experiencing the same thing.

If they are not authenticatiing to a DC outside of their site then it is likely machine specific. Check the events on the machine and also the DNS settings as well. I have seen similar issues like this (not common) and I have done things like reset the secure channel on a specific machine and that has corrected this.

I would start there.

As the subnet is configured properly, check the DNS IP assigned to users (DHCP) if its pointing to Remote Site.
Check the DNS, for service locator records, local DC records are available or not.


thank you

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