Problems with RDP sessions

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Hi Experts,

we are using alot of RDP sessions in our network.
But since some weeks we have problems with it.

Sometimes the sessions close itself.
If a session is open, the screen qualitiy is also really poor.

Do you have some hints from where it comes ?
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Scott CSenior Engineer
The first place I'd look would be the network itself.  

If nothing has changed on the server it's possible a switch or some other piece of equipment is beginning to fail.

Have you tried a connection where you have eliminated most of the equipment?
How many users are connecting?  Sessions may close if multiple people are connecting any you have not purchased terminal server licensing.  
Taken from:
W/o purchasing Terminal Services CALs you're limited just as you've seen to two (2) RDP connections.

(You can sort of cheat and get one more session, BTW, by using the "/admin" or "/console" switch on the Terminal Services client.)

Is the target a latpop or workstation that goes into sleep mode?
Other questions addressed:

It would be good to trial something such as Dameware / TeamViewer to see if they also suffer from network latency.

If multiple remote desktop solutions fail to perform then you may have some network issues.

As always there is a risk when installing new software to your machine.  If the target it s a VM maybe a snapshort before and after the software trial would be in order.  Or a restore point if a traditional machine.

You can also adjust RD settings for a lite experience:

I try not to use printers in my connection if possible.
check your server logs first...

and monitor server resources, processor ram usage,

go to task manager and log off the disconnected sessions...
check network connection and the bandwidth

keep monitor the ping status from remote sites to the RD server to check the internet connectivity status.

check the timeout setting if necessary configure it .. see the following link

all the best
Eprs_AdminSystem Architect


ok let me check this...

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