Nexus and vsphere enterpirse plus

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Have a vm network with 1GBe network and plan to move into 10GBe, network admin suggested we should move into nexus switch.
Should I go for my vm VSS to dVS? I will appreciate your advice on this.
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Ralph PickeringInfrastructure Consultant

I don't really think the speed of the network, or the physical switch you're uplinking to has any bearing on choosing between VSS or DVS. The virtual Cisco Nexus might be a good fit if you want your network guy to be able to manage the virtual switches as well as the physical ones, but it's very pricey IMO. This blog post drills down quite nicely into the differences between VSS and DVS. DVS has a lot of advantages, at the expense of more complexity. If your environment is fairly simple, and it's just the bandwidth that's being increased to 10GBe I'd stick with VSS, on the basis that if it ain't broke...
Do you have a vDS created already? Or are you looking at moving the vSS to vDS and manage it there?

The steps for that would involve

A. Add host to vDS
B. Migrate one vmnic from the NIC team supporting VM networking from vSS to vDS dvUplink
C. Migrate VM networking from vSS Port Groups to vDS DV Port Groups
D. Migrate remaining vmnics and virtual ports (vmkernel and Service Consoles) to vDS

Or it'll just be step C
Infrastructure Consultant
Would have helped if I'd included the link:
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Mr TorturSystem Engineer

+1, totally agree with Ralph, you don't need DVS just because you have 10Gb hardware.
Mr TorturSystem Engineer
That's only for more features or in case you have specific needs.
And yes it will be very expensive because DVS is only supported in the biggest ESXi edition, Enterprise Plus.
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE Fellow)VMware and Virtualization Consultant
Fellow 2018
Expert of the Year 2017
Maybe your Network Admin should re-think and look at VMware NSX, Nexus is a bit old!
Top Expert 2015

How NSX connects cables?


the Nexus is replacing the core switch , how the NSX fit into this? My understanding over DVS is that we can configure network i/o etc?
Top Expert 2015

You can use normal virtual switches too.
DVS allows you to use LACP, but at the times it disconnets VM network during vmotion
What is Network IO? You can configure traffic shaping in Nexus switch too.

There is almost EOL-ed DVS replacement called Nexus 1000V, thus the confusion.

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