Linksys router wired connection not working but wireless does

Hello I have a llinksys EA6500 router, all of my wired connections has just stopped working I go to the systems and it states unidentified network, and the subnet is not right we use 192.168.1.x in the office but all of the wired connections systems are getting subnet of 169.254.230.x I have rebooted the router with no luck, all of the wireless connections are working without any problems ...any suggestions?
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helpfinderIT ConsultantCommented:
All of your wired PC are getting that (APIPA) IP or just some of them? did not you update LAN driver on your machines (e.g. if you have one model of PC and you have WSUS with drivers update enabled)?

try on one PC in command prompt:
then reboot computer and check what happens.

I assume that router makes DHCP for your LAN
do you have enable IPv6 on your client PC? Did you try to uncheck it?

also could be your router is simply broken (LAN part). Can you try different port on router?ň
do you have also another network components in your LAN topology? e.g. swotches? could be also problem here. Try to connect one PC directly to router.
Backup your configuration and do a Factory reset could be also a solution (restore configuration afterwards)
Try to flash newest firmware if the router is running obsolete one?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
all of my wired connections has just stopped working ..... are getting subnet of 169.254.230.

That is the No Connection auto IP. Your computers are not getting DHCP addresses.

Since wireless is working and wired is not, it would seem that the router has developed a hardware problem.

Borrow or somehow obtain a simple temporary router (wired only). Hook it up. Does the new router work?
Have you verified that LAN port(s) on the Linksys router are still connected and up and running?

Can you get to the management interface on the Linksys router?  Can you verify that everything is still correctly configured?
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Start at the physical layer and since this impacts all wired devices:

Power off the router for 30 seconds to see if it will start the DHCP server when it comes up.

Try to bypass any other switch between your pc and main router by plugging a PC into a router port (with a new/different cable) . This will help you decide if the issue is downstream with a cable or another switch.

If you install FING on your smartphone and scan your network do you see any odd gateway/devices.  

Any gateway listed when you run IPCONFIG from the Windows PC?
Another trick you could try to see if its a dhcp problem is to assign static ip addresses to each wired device using the subnet you selected. If this works you need to reset the settings for dhcp on the router for all the devices. Also as suggested by helpfinder first, push a firmware update (if update is needed) on the router and reset to reconfigure it again.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
You didn't say if the computers are connected directly to the router or are all connected through a switch.  The latter is very common.  

This sounds like the switch is turned off or a bad connection or cable - most likely between the postulated switch and the router.

It would make sense to plug a computer directly into the router if any of the above fits your situation.  
And, start with a static IP on the computer as has already been suggested.
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