How to solve this CentOS 6.5 kernel panic?

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I have a physical Windows Server 2003 machine that works as the host of a Centos 6.5 virtual machine that runs in Virtualbox. My server got a virtual memory error and restarted without letting me turn off  my CentOS, now I'm getting the following Kernel panic (I suppose that is a virtual disk problem, see the attached image).

I tried to use the kernel startup argument selinux=0 but it didn't work.

Does anybody knows the possible solution?

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Your virtual disk is corrupted.

Restore from backup, or you could possibly mount in another linux computer, and run a disk check,
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You probably have to edit /etc/selinux/config - a dirty shutdown causes the line
SELINUX=enforcing and SELINUXTYPE=permissive

where the default is
SELINUX=permissive and SELINUXTYPE=permissive
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Along the same lines using boot the VM using centos ISO/livecd and perform the fsck check in the boot, / file systems after you make sure there is no issue in the host with its filesystem....
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Your initrd is damaged
Boot with any previous kernel
yum remove current (broken, not one you booted) kernel
Upgrade kernel (or preferably whole system to 6.7)
Reboot with new kernel

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