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Printer attached to home computer will not populate on Domain Server

Several of our end users work from home and join our domain via the Microsoft VPN setup available on their laptops.

Our Application Servers that that connect to via this VPN are running Windows Server 2008 R2.

One of our end users has a Surface Pro 3 that he uses for the connection via the VPN.  This computer is running Windows 8.1.  He has 2 local "home" printers:  HP Deskjet 2510 series (connected locally with a USB cable) and HP Officejet Pro 6230 (connected wirelessly via his own home network).

1) We establish a connection to the domain via the Microsoft VPN on the Surface Pro 3.
2) He uses "Citrix Receiver" in order to directly connect to the "published" applications available to him.

Once he's connected to the domain from his home and successfully access the software he needs via the Citrix Receiver, he's unable to print from any of the software on the Servers to either of the printers mentioned above.

I've used:  Control Panel-->Administrative Tools-->Print Management to add the driver for both these printers directly to the Domain Server that the Citrix Receiver points him to.  This has not resolved the problem.

Please Advise.
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Home printers will not populate on a Domain Server over Microsoft VPN. I have never seen this happen and do not believe you can do it.
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Please have look on printer redirection procedure on below link
Home printers would populate when using RDP as long as the requisite drivers are available and not prevented by GPO.
Most hp printers are included in Windows versions.

Depending on the environment, is local printing permitted?
I have never seen a home printer populate on any of several client servers even though many of the employees have proper VPN access. All of them have home printers.
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dkotte's answer seems to be the proper description / non-resolution to my end user's issue.  Remember, my opening comment stated that the end user was connecting to the needed software via Citrix Receiver.

We tested to see if Citrix was somehow interfering with the ability of the home printer to be recognized by the server.  So, I allowed the end user to connect to the network via the VPN.  Then, he used RDP to logon to the desktop of the server, thus bypassing Citrix.  From the desktop of the server he then logged in to the same software with a desktop shortcut.  His home printer populated and he was able to print as needed.

Will attempt to work on Citrix policy to allow same.