CorelDraw x7 requiring Adobe to print accurately??

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I have a new HP Officejet Pro 8620 printer. I use CorelDraw x7. I was attempting to print out a 4x6 photo. It came out drenched with ink and naturally very blurry. I phoned HP. They told me I HAD to convert my finished document to PDF and then print from Adobe. It does work, but it seems very strange that such an expensive program such as CorelDraw could not print out a simple picture without the aid of another software manufacturer. Does this sound right to the Experts? I am wondering if the HP person simply found a way to make it function instead of getting to what might be an incorrect setting in CorelDraw.
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I used CoredDRAW many, many years ago and loved it!  I ended up migrating to PowerPoint since I had that and my version of Corel quit working (I miss it).  However, I had no problem printing directly from Corel to HP printers.  I know that was a long time ago ... but having to go to PDF to print does not seem right.  Corel also has options for color separation and when I was making printouts for color screens for silk-screening t-shirts, I printed each color separately.

Perhaps you need to set up a color profile.  You can do this yourself or buy one.  I just did a search and found this:

you said your printer was new ... maybe it is a Friday model ~

Last year, a friend was given an inkjet all-in-one printer and the colors were horrible.  In her case, it was a used printer, so she opened it and cleaned the jet nozzles.  After that, it worked fine.


I think that your suggestion of a custom profile will do the trick. What is a "Friday model" ? This IS an hp refurbished printer. Colors are perfect when using the pdf conversion. Thanks!!
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you're welcome

> What is a "Friday model"

not made so well ...

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