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How to use traffic shaping on firwall?

This is a foritgate 80C firewall setup in a small clinic. We used 2 interfaces, WAN1 as untrusted and Switch (Internal) as trusted. Our Internet line is a 5 Mbps broadband. There is only one segment for internal for both wired and wireless. There is one Wireless AP deployed in the clinic, for quest access. Besides this, this AP also means for staff's handphone/laptop, and other wireless device Internet access. IPs would be allocated from a internal server.

Recently, we found high traffic on Internet throughout the days. Most of the these traffic were resulted from anonymous/guest. In view of these, we are thinking of "splitting" these traffic into 2. The first one being the top priority traffic, such as, wired connections, and wireless connections for fixed laptop/PC, and staffs' handphones. The second being the least priority traffic for those guests via wireless. Does this mean I have to setup the 2 different traffic shaping rules with 2 firewall rules? Please show step-by-step on getting the thing done.

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