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DLookup Missing Operator

DLookup("BageNumber", "tblBadges", "BadgeNumber=" & Result1 & " And Returned = No  And BadgeType = Blue V Badge")

Can't seem to figure this one out.  Tried all the different combinations with quotes but can't get it right....
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DLookup("[BageNumber]", "tblBadges", "[BadgeNumber] = " & Result1 & " And [Returned] = False And [BadgeType] = 'Blue V Badge'")

assuming BadgeNumber is a numeric.   All the square brackets ( [ ] ) are for safety.  While nothing here explicitly needed it, it's best to always use them on field names.

Also you needed false for "no" and BadgeType is text, so it needed string delimiters on it.

DLookup("BageNumber", "tblBadges", "BadgeNumber=" & Result1 & " And Returned = 'No'  And BadgeType = 'Blue V Badge'")

if returned is boolean type field

DLookup("BageNumber", "tblBadges", "BadgeNumber=" & Result1 & " And Returned = 0  And BadgeType = 'Blue V Badge'")
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Good call, but gives me the error on BadgeNumber

That is for either way....
also, note that I take out the 2nd "And" it it works just fine, just adding this doesn't seem to work?
<also, note that I take out the 2nd "And" it it works just fine>

that is weird?????

can you do a compact and repair, then try again

also, is this correct field name "BageNumber" ???
Is badgenumber numeric or text?

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OK, gotcha.  Sorry, I misspelled the field in the table....

Sometimes....I could....well you know...
so,  BageNumber is BadgeNumber
if that is the case, why are you still looking for the "BadgeNumber" in the dlookup when you are already know it from the variable "Result1" ?

maybe you should look for other Field values, based on BadgeNumber, Returned and BadgeType  parameters..