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After upgrading to office 2016, some excel files crash.

Greetings Experts,

I recently upgraded some of my computers to Office 2016.  

I’m noticing that some excel files crash while using them.  
Get a very broad error in the event viewer:  Event id: 1000:  faulting application name excel.exe version 16, time stamp xxxxxx

So no clue there.
If I take the file, I can open it in Excel 2010 without issue.
If I go to another computer with 2016, it crashes.  

So it’s something to do with the version.  

I copied the data from the worksheet to a new file, same thing, crashed when you go to edit data.

One of the files has a cell with the input:  ‘December 2015  
If I go to edit it to say, ‘January 2016    it crashes
If I go to another cell on the sheet, then I can edit certain cells without it crashing.

Very strange.  Font?  

Any ideas would help.  Thank you in advance for your efforts.

My best-
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Professor J

please try to open same excel file that crashes in the safe mode, please see how to activate safe mode in the below link from microsoft.

it also shows other ways to troubleshoot the crash
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excel.exe /safe is not working.
Get an error:
sorry, we couldn't find safe.xlsx.  is it possible it was moved.

Any idea why?
try /s to start Excel in Safe mode

Command-line switches for Excel

Also, be sure you have set up Trusted Locations and other defaults
The /s wouldn't work either.  I was able to hit the ctrl button and start excel to initiate safe mode, but received an error.  I'll include the screen shot.  I hit fix now and nothing happens.
I ran the online repair for office and this is still happening.  Any ideas?
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crystal (strive4peace) - Microsoft MVP, Access

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It was a new build, so only office 2016.  So you think I should just uninstall and reinstall?
Uninstalling now.  Will update once I have it reinstalled and patched.
be sure to reboot after uninstalling
Uninstalled, rebooted and installed again.  worked.  Very strange how the same file didn't work on two separate machines, then worked after the reinstall.  Anyway, problem solved.  thank you.
you're welcome, kacey ;) ~ happy to help