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Hello Gurus,
I have two problem that I need help solving...
Problem 1:
I have a workbook with two tabs (Matrix / Data). I need help writing vba to perform goalseek automatically once values are pasted into A,B,C,D,E sections under all periods. The goalseek value will appear under the More A's section only if it falls under 90%.
Most of the Data tab (A,B,C,D,E) values are filled in (periods 2-13 in to with conditions) so you can visually see what rows need to be calculated.  The numbers for ABCDE will always change so the VBA Needs to look at the  New% column and determine if values fall below the 90%.  Also, if the number returned for example is .13457332... this needs to be a positive number out 6 decimal places.. 1.345733
Problem 2:
Once the values are determined in the data tab, I will need a function to retrieve the number of More A's needed (By period and area).  Hope I have explained the requirements properly.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Please see attached example workbook.
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Please find attached.

The macro will automatic will run whenever there is change in your table in data sheet.

The sheet Matrix will be updated based on the Period you select from drop down.


Thanks again for your help!
You welcome BajanPaul.

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