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Add certificate fails for Windows RD Web Access 2012 - Network password not correct?

Hello all,

I have set up a Windows RDS environment here and I have RD Web Access working with a self signed certificate.  I need to add a third party .pfx certificate.

1.  In Configure Deployment, under Certificates, I select "Select existing certificate."
2. Next window comes up and asks me for location of the file and a password.

What password is this referring to?  When I leave it blank or type in my password I get:

"The specified network password is not correct."

If I could find what account the RDS is referring to I'm sure I have the password.  I have no idea and I running on ideas for what string to use when searching for a solution.

Does anyone have any idea what account RDS is referring to when you add a certificate and it asks you for the password?

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