How to tell if a port is available for VMware vCenter ?

Dwight Baer
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I'm running Microsoft Port Query.  It says that certain ports are "NOT LISTENING".

Meanwhile, the VMware vCenter Server installation procedure indicates that these ports must be "available".

Is "NOT LISTENING" the same as "available"?


Do I have to create a new firewall rule for every one of the ports listed in the procedure, i.e. 80, 443, 514, 1514, 7444, 6502, 6501, 6500, 902, and 9443 ...

plus 88, 389, 636, 2012, 2014, 2020, 7080, 11711, and 11712

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If this is a default install of Windows 2012 R2 Server, VMware vCenter Server will complain if it finds a port "in use".

e.g. in use by another application.

Not Listening can suggest they are available, however they could be fire walled.
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