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Imaging and Restoring,System State, Acronis general Question


 Since we only have 1 server for our company. about 25 Employees. This Server is 2008 R2 and runs as the DC,Filer,DNS,and Print Server.There is a small instance of SQL Express for the accounting software and of course AD since its the DC.
 Near future we will be adding a additional server for redundancy, but until then I have some questions I would like to know my options for.

 We purchased Acronis Snap Deploy 5, hoping to have the ability to image the server once/twice per week just for a worse case scenario where maybe we lost the server due to any reason.. Is this capable of restoring to same or other hardware but also having the full AD structure and policies SQL Express info ETC???

 Our data drives are internal HDDs (2) that we backup daily using carbonite, so I am not concerned with the "data" part, more than anything just the actual IMAGE(OS) as it sits now..

In the event of a server failure, power motherboard etc issue, I would like to be able to have a machine set back up and running in minimal time..

 Advice, Products, Etc  would be great, and TY in advanced for taking the time to assist.
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Thank you, What is the best practice as far as what to use and how to acutally take a "system state image"? TY

Windows server 2008 ... here is the link to the application to take the system state backup.

all methods you choose, make sure to test and restore the data onto a non-network connected hardware just to make sure you have the process down and functional.

There are few things worse than thinking you have a working backup, to findout those backups are worthless as they do not do what was expected...........

If you have separate hardware of test using a VM. Create a VM. Image the start. Add AD functionality. add some users, etc. create a system state backup. Then create a second VM restoring from the image, then go through restoring the system state.....
and see whether the new VM is functional.  .....Make sure the VM does not have LAN access private IP from the host to make sure it does not clash with your AD/DC...

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