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This is a funny one. We have one machine at a client who's machine behaves oddly, to me at least.

When someone doesn't login for around 10 days, when the user finally does log in it looks like everything on their profile is lost and things need to be entered in again.

While typing this I had a brainwave and thought maybe its a roaming profile not syncing fully. But the user hasn't mentioned anything about the error message with a temporary profile.

So I was wondering if there was something to do with a group policy to say "when idle, clear profile cache" or something of the sort.

Any pointers appreciated,

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Hello, unrealone1!

Under Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > User Profiles, there is a setting called Delete user profiles older than a specified number days on system restart.

Check to see if that's enabled.

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Seconding Sean comment.

To be safe, run a GPResult /h report.htm /f on that machine. Open the report.htm file and see if the setting Sean mentioned is configured there.
Joseph MoodyBlogger and wearer of all hats.

You also may want to check Task Scheduler to ensure that a user profile cleanup script/task isn't set to run in there.


Hi There,

After posting this I looked fro something like this and found exactly what Sean mentioned.

Thanks all

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