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SaveAs Vba Excel 2010


I have a excel 2010 .xlsm workbook that I have a button on to "export" data.

I am doing this by using the

ThisWorkbook.SaveCopyAs (filename)

Command and then removing the Sheets that are not required.

The file saves ok but then when I try and open the export, when either xls or xlsx or csv I get an error saying that the file is "in a different format than the file extension. Verify that the file is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file.

I. was going to remove all macros code from ThisWorkbook to get around this but am struggling to do that too as I get a "Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted"

Sub removecode()
ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VbComponents("ThisWorkbook").CodeModule.DeleteLines 1,ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VbComponents("ThisWorkbook").CodeModule.CountofLines
End sub

Can someone help me with the logic or the code.

Many thanks.
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