Browser Caching in IIS 8 (NON .Net Application, It is Classic ASP)

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As I understand it .NET has some tools for enabling browser caching but what are our options with classic asp applications?  

I found a tool that works on older versions of windows similar to the way appache works with .htaccess files but it won't work on Windows 2012 which is what we have running at the moment.

Here is that tool:

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The release history page says they have made it compatible with IIS 8.5 and IIS 10.  You probably have to purchase a new copy of it and install it on your server.  I'd ask them about it.
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@Dave I contacted helicontech but haven't had any response yet.  I asked if their object will support our current setup.  The core issue with their object on the version of windows we have is that it runs under the .net service and only works for .net applications.  Our application that we need caching for is created with classic asp.

@Rainer I haven't tried your solution yet, I will try it this coming week and will comment back about how it worked.

Thanks for your advice.
Here was the response from Helicon Tech looks like we can use it:

Helicon Ape will run with classic ASP sites as long as the Application Pool running this site is in Integrated mode. The legacy 'classic' mode will not work because Ape is a .NET module. This only affects how IIS processes requests and enable .NET on a web site, the underlying web site technology could be anything - ASP, PHP, etc.
You don't have to buy Ape before installing it as there is 45-day trial period. Simply download and install trial version, you will unlock later when you have everything set and working as desired.

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