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We have a networked HP LaserJet 400 that has recently started printing multiple pages with characters on the top and a page with the @PJL errors below. This is only used by 1 user (Windows 7 x64) and the printer is not installed on the server. It just started doing this on Friday and I can't seem to get anything to print from her PC. It was using a PCL 6 driver so I downloaded the PCL 5 driver but that didn't resolve it. I did a factory reset on the printer but that did not work either. I did add the printer to my PC and can print fine, however the jobs usually sit in the print queue for 3-4 minutes before printing. Any thoughts?

@PJL SET JOBATTR="JobAcct8=username"         @PJL SET JOBATTR="JobAcct9="       @PJL SET RET=OFF
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I would try the MS Printer Fix It tool. This can correct many issues with printing.

This technet blog has more details about the tool:

There are 2 versions of the tool. The light one will reset the spooler service dependency and basically clean up the printing environment in Windows: it leaves drivers and printer intact.  The full version will completely reset the Windows printing environment by removing all printers, drivers, printer ports and print monitors.  The full version will basically set the Window's environment back to factory settings as if you had never installed a printer on the machine before.

I would start with the light one, then if that doesn't work, try the Full one. But, if you use the full tool, be prepared to install all printers and their drivers: it will wipe them all out (kind of like how the old printer tool, CleanSpl.exe, used to do).

Link to Full Mode - http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9829711
Link to Lite Mode - http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9829710
Are you printing a banner page with the job? If so, try disabling that and see if it fixes the problem. If it does, post the banner page contents here and we'll have a look at it. Also have a look at this link:

I finally restored it a second time, removed the printer and drivers from PC and then re added the printer. Things are working fine now.


Restoring printer, removing printer and drivers from PC fixed the issue.

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