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I would like to Import following xls [] into SQL by SSIS. My SQL table should look like

ISO            Code             year            rate
AFG         PCPIPCH       2008            26.41
AFG                PCPIPCH       2009          -6.81
AFG               PCPIPCH        2010           2.17

but the xls has a different listing like

ISO               Code                 2008           2009            2010        2011
AFG                   PCPIPCH           26.41         -6.81             2.17         ...

What would be in your view the most efficient way to Import by SSIS?

Shall I go for coding like
INSERT INTO ISO, Code , year (2008), rate
SELECT ISO, Code, 2008....

or something like Looping in SSIS with variables (year) +1?

thx for your Input
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You'll have to consume the file as it's written, which means either map it accordingly and do a PIVOT-INSERT in T-SQL, or I believe SSIS has a PIVOT transform you can add between source and destination.


just googled the Pivot and got some results as YouTube-Videos, think that might be the way. let me try. thx a lot, rgds

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