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Hard disk Seagate Barracuda 2TB damaged

Dear all,

Allow me to explain my sad story. I had configured one Seagate Barracuda 2TB in one computer (Dell Optiplex XE2) as a "manual backup server" a months ago; I was really making tests with the Windows 7 NT backup scheduled to make backups monthly and it seems to work... "acceptable" (because I'd never make restore tests) well... one night... suddenly the guard let in some raiders inside the plant an they stole 8 laptops (they were catched by CCTV) fortunately, all the laptops has BIOS and HD password to run so, they will not able to do much with that laptops but, data came with those laptops. I had the hope to recover the stolen data from my backup computer but, another tragedy comes... backups HD dies... how? I don´t know but firts it shows me the users folders and the data but ir doesn't allow me to copy them, (unknown error says) so, I tried to extract HD and install it in another computer but it becomes worst because now the HD becomes unrecognizable by the BIOS. So, I decided to send the HD to a lab (Ondata International here in México City) and after a month they sends me a letter with the following:

"Severe failure in the internal mechanical block. The device requires stabilization and calibration of mechanical part as well as stability  process and logic integrity verification .

Due to the fault detected in the above mentioned diagnosis , it has not been able to generate image data contained in the device because it is severely damaged the magnetic plates."

Sounds wierd because this computer were in the servers site always, always very good environmental conditions I have never kicked or let falls the computer to the floor.

That HD contains 14 years of information that has been lost with this issue. Any other recomendation?

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