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I've got a simple question.  My MPOE is located in the same room as my MDF/router.  If I needed a cable (>10'-15') to connect from the MPOE to my router, does this fall under needing an 'extension'?  I understand if the MPOE is located in a different room/floor an extension will be needed, and responsibility on who will provide the extension will need to be determined, but what about in this particular scenario where the distance is fairly short?  I know we could do it ourselves, but I'm curious for future cases.  Thanks!
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It's really up to your provider. Some will do it, others will make a fuss about it and request you handle it. For the most part if it is in the same room, it does not need an extension.

... but again, it's all up to the vendor and their policies.


Yeah, I figured.

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