Transformer and power cable interference to servers

What is the minimum recommended distance between Transformers or 600 volts power cables should servers be installed?

We need to move our backup appliance and one option is inside our electrical room.    I know you should keep data and power cords apart but what about transformers and big 600v power cables?

Thank you for any insight you can offer.
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Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
This article has a lot of useful information:  The bottom table indicates that 415 VAC / 50 A circuits should be 500 mm (19.6 inches) apart.  600 VAC would make that about 750 mm (29.5 inches).  Transformers can make that a bigger problem since they are built to generate magnetic fields.  You might want to be even further away from transformers.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I would keep servers at least 3 feet away from power transformers.

Although some years ago in a retail environment, computers were put near electric fields and hard drives were corrupted.

I have a small server rack in a furnace room of a client and the servers are about 6 feet away from the very large motor. No issue.
Jeff NagelPresidentCommented:
At 600V you want to have at least 20 feet of separation between any data cables and your power cables.  Assuming a minimum of 10 amps (likely much higher) the power feed is 6KVA which per siemon's reccomendations should be a 10 foot separation for pathways and 20 feet in open spaces.  For more information on it a good article is:

I would be concerned that anything which induces interference in your data cables could do the same or worse to your backup appliance.

Adding properly grounded shielding can reduce the required distances.
HemlockPrintersAuthor Commented:
Thanks for sharing.  Exactly the documentation I needed to share with upper management.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Thanks for the update and I was happy to help.
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