Storage Almost Full on my iPad air

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Hi Experts,
I keep getting a message on my iPad Air, stating that my Storage is Almost Full.
How can I fix this storage issue.

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What are you looking for? Uninstall purchased applications you no longer use.
Go through settings, see what your storage use is and ...
Purchased items uninstalled does not mean that should you want to use them again you would need to buy them again.

The other issue to look at is whether you get this notice when getting updates. If during updates, you may have to stagger the upgrades one application at a time when your available space is low.
zzynxSr. Software engineer
How can I fix this storage issue.
Obviously, by freeing up used storage space by removing applications you no longer use.
You keep your finger on an app's icon until the icons start to wiggle and a little cross appears for each icon.
You press the cross icon to remove an app.
When you're done removing apps, you press the Home button.
Often the biggest use of space on iOS devices are music, videos and photos.  Have you checked to see how much space these are using?
If you plug the iPad into a computer and use iTunes .. there is a useful graphic at the bottom of the window when you select the iPad which shows approximately how much space is used by music, videos, apps and other data.

On the iPad
Tap Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage

You'll be able to see the main sources of stored data on the iPad which is different from the apps themselves.

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