How to Add a new page in custom theme drupal 7

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We try to convert Html template to Drupal theme and we made the homepage but when try to add another page like about us , services  it showing the home page in that page and our link . how to add  new basic page in drupal  and please check that conversion from html to drupal is correct or not. 
username :admin
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Pallavi GodseSr. Digital Marketing Executive

To create a basic page to Drupal 7:
Log into your Drupal 7 Dashboard.
In the top menu, click Content.
Click the Add content link at the top of the page.
From here, select Basic page from the list of different content types.
Fill in the Title and Body, and also select a type of text format.
There are a few other options you can specify like Menu Settings, Revision Information, URL Path Settings, Comment Settings, Authoring Information and Publishing Option.
Click Save once you have filled in all the desired information.
Now, when you visit your site and click on the link you created in the menu (if you did create the menu item as we did above), you will see the page you just created!


But emma we need to create a page according to our html template . How to do that
You would need to set the template files for different pages.

For example currently, there is page.tpl.php for the basic page when you create the content page. This is default template file which is rendering the HTML structure of the node using PHPTemplate.

Now, create the another content type with different fields you can customize your template file like below.


Also, i have found that the issue with admin CSS has been hacked and due to that ADMIN Toolbar main menu is not working.

Please create sub-theme (Customize) and do not hack core or admin files to avoid issues like that.

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