Designating which website icons appear in the row just below the HPPT box in Chrome?

Bill Golden
Bill Golden used Ask the Experts™
How to you designate or set which website icons appear there are about 12 on my screen and 2 more if a click the >> button at the end of the of the row just below the HPPT box in Chrome?
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Marketzone Database Specialist
These are your bookmarks.  You can click-and-hold to drag them into new positions.  You can also sort them into folders.  This applies to the sites and folders after the >> button as well, what shows up there is what did not fit on your bookmark toolbar.
You can also organize your bookmarks using Bookmark Manager, which is found in Chrome's menu (the three horizontal lines in the top right of the window).
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Bill GoldenExecutive Managing Member


Got it.  Thanks, Bill

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