Office 2013 User error

I have a user that suddenly can't open documents from our SharePoint Online 2013 site. I have determined the problem has something to do with her account on her computer. She is unable to login to Excel/Word/Office 2013 when using her credentials. It gives the attached error when she tries. I have tried resetting her password. I also believe it is specific to her computer since I can log her in using her credentials on my computer without issue.

Some other things I've tried

-Reset her password
-Removed all instances of saved information from the Credential manager
-Logged out of all instances of Office
-Reset Internet Explorer back to factory settings

I should mention she is able to login to her Office 365 account as well as her Outlook 2013 fine. It only appears to give the error when she tries to sync her account with her Office login.

She has Windows 7, IE 11, Office 2013.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Are you using AD FS? If so, is this a domain joined PC or personal one? There was an issue with such configuration, which required a specific reg key to be configured. That should be fixed now though, so make sure she is using the latest Office version (there is new release available from yesterday).

If using AD FS, make sure that external clients are allowed to hit the /adfs/services/trust/13/windowstransport endpoint. On her PC, make sure that she can browse to said endpoint via IE or similar. The expected result is that she should be asked for credentials.

Does she have MFA enabled (multi-factor auth)? I guess you should have noticed this when you tried on the other PC, but still :)

In none of the above applies, try getting someone else to login on her PC. If you can repro the issue - reinstall Office completely. If you cannot repro - the issue is something with the local profile, do a cleanup or have her backup the files and nuke the local profile.

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TarkisalAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. We don't use AD FS or MFA. I find when I login as myself on that computer and then use the user's login info she IS able to open documents without issue. So I'm resigned to think it's a profile issue. However, right before I was about to blow away her profile and start her over I got a call from another user having the exact same issue. Both of these users were able to sync their Office accounts yesterday without issue. Today it gives them that error. One user has Windows 7 and the other has 8.1 but they both have Office 2013. Could this be an authentication issue or a problem on Microsoft's side? Or is it just a coincidence?
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
Well it was patch Tuesday yesterday... just saying :)
TarkisalAuthor Commented:
So I checked any patches and made sure no updates came through. I eventually had to rebuild the user's profile and that worked. I'm going to have to rebuild the second user's profile as well. In either case your suggestion was the fix. Thanks
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