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Having trouble configuring Cisco WAP121 access point. Can not connect.

Having issues logging into a Cisco WAP121 wifi access point. I'm using a direct ethernet cat5 connection from the nic card of my computer directly into the single ethernet jack on the back of the access point. I enter the default address of into my browser but it never pulls up the config landing page.

The ethernet card in the computer has its TCP/IP v4 all set to automatic (obtain IP address & DNS).

The access point has been reset to default prior to doing this. Also I've tried multiple machines, multiple WAP121 AP's, multiple web browsers, brand new ethernet cables, Macintosh laptops...ect.

One odd thing to note (in the attached image). If you look up at the top of the Chrome browser, the tab for that page has the "Cisco" icon in it. So where is it getting that image from, the router? And if its getting that from the router, why isn't the landing page coming up? Also after I enter the address and hit enter, the "admin.cgi?action=main" auto populates the address bar. page.png
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