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Windows 7 Wireless Connections Automatic Startup on Boot to log in users who have not logged in

We have various models of Dell Latitude Laptops (Dell 1707 Wireless card in this one).  What I need is for the wireless connection to start on boot and connect so that users who have never logged on before can be logged in.  Right now they receive the "No Logon Servers" message.  We have the settings to Automatically Connect, Connect even if not Broadcasting and the Wireless Profile set to all users.  It still will not connect unless we log in and manually press the connect button.
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What type of authentication are you using to connect to WiFi?
If using something like WPA2-Enterprise, where you are using a RADIUS server (802.1x authentication), then you can allow the computer to authenticate, in which case it can connect before any user logs on.  If you just allow users to authenticate (still using 802.1x), then I think you would need to configure the SSO settings on the wireless connection so that new users could log on.
We are using WPA2 Personal with AES encryption.  We created the connection on one machine, exported and pushed it out via a GPO.  Where would I change the SSO settings?
Those settings aren't available with that type of authentication.  Sorry, I don't have any suggestions for when using a PSK.

That would help if you were doing them one by one. But of course, you'd also have to hope that your network is at the top of the order.
I found the answer.  We added the registry item to connect to the SSID.  Thank you everyone for your help.
Glad you worked it out.

Please go ahead and close the question.  If anyone's post helped you, you can mark it as an assisted solution, but it sounds like you should accept your own post as the answer (though you might want to provide just a little more detail on the exact fix).
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Thanks everyone for helping.  Adding the registry entry connected to the wireless before login.