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Outlook 2013 recall message feature working inconsistently

Using Outlook 2013 on a corporate Exchange system.  When users recall a message, it only seems to actually work for the recipients that have Outlook running.  If the computer is shut down, or being used with Outlook closed the recall doesn't happen.  When the user starts Outlook again, the recalled message is still in the inbox even though the sender recalled it hours or days before.  Our users are running Outlook 2013 in cached mode.  Multiple tests have determined that this is happening with many users.  Is this expected behavior for Outlook on an Exchange system.  Thx, J
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Will Szymkowski
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Message Recall is not a reliable solution to recall a message. From my experience if you are trying to remove a message from a mailbox then use Powershell "search-Mailbox" cmdlet using the -deletecontent switch.

In my experience, Message recall works fine however there are a few things to keep in mind. You can only recall an unread message - so that being said, if a user has configured their mobile phones to connect to their mailboxes, what i noticed is that the message is almost immediately read  the moment it hits the phone.  This is especially common when using BES. Do your users have their phones configured to use Exchange?
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Jeff Glover
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thanks so much, excellent explanation