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VB.Net - DataTable Looping/Grouping and Getting Sum

Good Day Experts!

I have what seems to be a a straightforward little project, but I would like to check with you to see if there is a better way to do it.  My DataTable looks something like this:

Customer          Invoice          Amount
A                           123               $10
A                           546               $20
A                           111               $15
B                           999               $33
B                           888               $44
C                           765               $66
C                           777               $22

I need to loop through the DataTable and total amount based on Customer A=$45  B=$77 C=$88.
As I loop, I need to stop adding to the total amount when the Customer changes.  But, how do I dynamically create the variables to hold the total amounts? It feels like I need to run a Select Customer, Sum(Amount) on DataTable Group By Customer query on the DataTable.

Can you help me with suggestions on how to get started on achieving my end goal?

Visual Basic.NET

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