What video card to get ?

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Lenovo 7099 h8g

Customer went to win 10 and video is fine BUT mine craft doesn't like the video card.  No updated vid drivers available

So what video card to get?  
Looking for something cheap and cheerful.
Which is the best slot to use?



Slots  - according to the spec.  Ive attached a pic of the slots available what video card to choose
Two Full Height PCI (Optional Optical Drive) <  ??
One Full Height PCIe x1 (Hard Disk Drive) < ??
One Full Height PCIe x16 (Optional Optical Drive) < ??
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Would like to get the part from one of these two sites

dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
What is the power supply of the Lenovo?  One spec seems to indicate 180 watts while the other seems to indicate 280 watts.  See https://support.lenovo.com/nz/en/documents/migr-75628#pow

The cards you are looking at seem to require 300 watts in the machine.  But if your present PSU is 280 then the card would probably work.  Check your PSU rating first.

Also the card you are looking at is a PCIExpress version 2 card.  What is not clear is what your slot is.  If it is version 1 the graphics card will still work but at half the speed it is capable of.

Can you identify which version of the slot you have?  The specifications on the Net are not clear.

Try the free version of Speccy if necessary https://www.piriform.com/speccy to help identify the slot.



Its a mickey mouse power supply.  Looks like a 180 watt max written on it.

What slots? The PC is about 4 years old.  Was the newer thing around then?
Its too late here to setup / wire up to test with that ap https://www.piriform.com/speccy 
2:30 am ... time for bed.

Can you take and educated guess what would be the best card? Cheap and cheerful - but not cheep and nasty !

dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.
If it is a 180 watt power supply then forget about the Gigabyte.  But definitely confirm that power supply.

You'll want a low power graphics card.  Minecraft will run with a Radeon HD2400 card (bare minimum) which is what I have.  And that's low power consumption.  (Don't play Minecraft though).

I'll recommend a Radeon HD 6450 instead.  The recommendation for best optimal performance is a Radeon HD 5550.  The 6450 should meet that requirement and you'll only chew up 20 watts power.

Look around for one of those.  An HD 5450 would probably be OK but get the newer one.  You'll get more grunt and chew less power.  The HD 5450 needs a little bit more.

Now this card isn't going to be able to play any of the modern games.  For a lot older games, such as Half Life and Portal it'll be fine.  And Minecraft as well.
From my own experience most games are dependent on the directX  version as well.
Which version of directX  on this system?
Upgrading to windows 10 on an older system is not a smart move you should stick with W7 professional or build a new system like I did, I built a new system for the games I love. I kept my older and have it connected to a Aten kvmp so I have both and can switch to answer EE questions ;)
To see go to your run and type in DXDIAG should be 11 if it had windows 7 professional, I have the same.
dxdiagDirect Xdirectx display adapterIf you have it set to play using openGL try setting it to direct X
Update the drivers for your graphic card, you say there isn't any
what's the Video you have?
Intergrated Graphics Adapter
Intel® GMAX4500 DX10
NVDIA GeForce 310 512MB DDR3 (VGA+DP)
NVIDIA Quadro FX380 (DVI + DP)
Always update from manufacturer
Let Nvidia automatically detect your drivers and they do have some whether yours are old or not it will tell you you are up to date.
According to Minecraft Not recommended for Intel integrated graphics,
What Are The Minimum System Requirements To Run Minecraft: Story Mode?

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