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LaserJet M3035 MFP - Scan to Folder

M3035 MFP (LaserJet  M3035xs MFP)

In web management UI I do not have tabs for setting up network scan to folder.

I have googled this and the UI looks different than documents from HP or elsewhere.

There is a scan to folder option on the LCD, but looks like no editing can be done from the LCD.

Not sure how the previous folders were originally setup.

Checked into HP software such as wizard console /setup downloads etc. no luck.
Don't have original CD which has been recommended in some forums elsewhere...

Concerns me that the tabs in the web UI are different than every other 3035 I have seen on google results
to setup network scan to folders -  (that there is no place for these settings)

Even a full menu map printout at the printer doesn't show these settings anywhere.

Any ideas?

The image named 3035-UI  is apparently what I should have, but dont, its a pic from google images
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Have to go onsite to get that info and may only be able to do that next week.

Is there a difference? And what would be the recommendation for either?

Maybe none; the instructions for using the feature seem to be the same; but, you have to log in as the administrator to the web interface AND enable it before you can set it up:
The attached images show that I don't have that web UI and that is the root of the problem, any documentation is not helpful,  this is a troubleshooting matter, not configuration matter at this point.
You haven't posted any pictures of the same screen shown in the how to I posted.  Is it Home -> Settings, perchance?
That is a generic article from HP and inst even the same web UI (EWS) for the M3035 MFP

It does not apply
In general setting up digital sending is similar but my images and post clearly state that they are missing from this printers EWS
I had an HP Expert from another forum ask me to try something and hopefully it works, I will be trying that next Monday or Wed.

(If it works will post here for this forum)

This issue is posted in a forum on Hps own website - unanswered from 2012 and on 2 other websites, unanswered
Does the EWS match either of the user manuals I posted earlier or is it possible somebody stuck a different jetdirect in the unit?
No, it looks exactly like the images I have posted.

Not sure about the JetDirect card being replaced, which is a J7982E
OMG!  No wonder its nuts.
HP offered 3 of their jetdirect cards in what they called the Value Line with the primary difference being the absence of being able to "initiate communication with other network devices" and the J7982E is one of them.
The only reference Google found is in Japanese:

"HP Jetdirect embedded network print server card J7949E / J7982E / J7979E ---- relatively full-featured and Value-Line Card


 This paper compares the full-featured and Value-Line HP Jetdirect embedded network print server card.  This information applies to all HP Jetdirect embedded network print server card.


 Embedded Jetdirect main characteristic Value Line and fully functional card is as follows:

 Value Line Card:

•  Only supports TCP / IP protocol.
•  No built-in diagnostic functions.
•  You can upgrade the embedded HP Jetdirect firmware flaw patch.
•  You can join / from embedded networking.

 Full-function card:

•  Built-in diagnostics capabilities to check the network hardware.
•  Able to initiate communication with other network devices from the printer.
•  Alone print server firmware upgrade the printer firmware.
•  Upgrading print server firmware with firmware and printer through the parallel port and network port.
•  Save and restore formatter exchange. "

This certainly explains everything and all you can do is to replace the jetdirect card:
You won't need a new network card, the network card you need is on the base motherboard and can't be exchanged without exchanging the whole motherboard.

What you you must know is that every hp device has two separate webservers which kinda melt into one if both are started, one is provided by firmware and one is provided by the network card.

The one you are looking at is the one from the network card, this could have two reasons:

- You have an extra network card built into the EIO slot (lower one), don't use this network plug, use the one which is on the motherboard itself (the upper one)

- If you are already using the upper network port, this means the firmware didn't start properly to provide the other tabs. Also the firmware part took very long on those old devices (5minutes minimum). During that time the firmware starts, you'll only see the webserver from the network card.

I'd recommend following steps:
1. do a disk init, here's a video:
2. Maybe the disk init already does the trick, if not:
3. redownload the device firmware

Device Firmware

First, look at the firmware section and download the readme. There's a section in there which explains how to download the file using a simple dos box with FTP. Make sure the network plug is in the motherboard slot (upper section) and not in a additional, optional network card (lower section).
I will be onsite on Wednesday to check and have an update then
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